Results of aortic valvuloplasty in neonates with critical aortic stenosis

  • I. Chornenka Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center (Kyiv)
  • N. Rudenko Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center (Kyiv)
  • A. Maksimenko Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center (Kyiv)
  • I. Yemets Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center (Kyiv)
Keywords: aortic stenosis, surgical aortic valvulotomy, neonates


The article discusses the results of treatment of critical aortic stenosis in 23 patients aged under 1 month. The main methods of treatment is commissurotomy. All operated patients survived. The follow-up is 23,4±15,5 months. Today the contractile ability of myocardium, in all patients, who are observed, is maintained (ejection fraction 68±1,7%), average aortic valve gradient 23±15,6. Freedom from re-operation in the remote period – 89,5% and survival – 90,5%. So surgical valvuloplasty is an effective treatment of aortic stenosis in the neonates with good immediate and remote results.


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